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Oct 23, 2012 8:00am PDT
to be a color. guess what the color be for the lowest frequency? begin with an r end with a d. try it. red. excellent. red. and then let's shake it a little bit more and guess what the frequency is. orange. orange. okay, some people. shake it a little bit more. what color are you gonna get? yellow. a little more. green. more. blue. more. violet. more. indigo, black. violet. violet. you can't be seeing. you can't be seeing it, okay? that's not light anymore. we call it beyond the light. we don't say beyond. some would say, "what is beyond the violet?" we don't say beyond the violet. what do we say, gang? ultra. ultraviolet, okay. and those waves you don't see. and many even go further still, higher frequencies like x-rays. when x-rays were discovered, it wasn't known what they were. so guess what they call them? no, not y, not z, but what? x. and it turned out, lo and behold, x-rays are high frequency electromagnetic radiation. and then beyond the x-rays, you get what's called gamma rays. but there's a whole smish-smash of waves, okay? less than 1% we can see, and we call that light. here,
Oct 20, 2012 12:30am PDT
buy 9 dollars in cherries quite and red and spotd and sweet and sour too, flavors turning in our ouths anxious as police lights we trip over the sister pushing a baby carriage. we know her but couldn't pull her name from nothing. baby sleeping cheeks soft with petals. 3 year old son digs into our kettle corn sack. later. fish tacos for her. him layian curry chicken for me. watching children bounce in the fountain. pickled cool in water, giggles going off like chinese fire crackers. tiny teeth grudge mashing. 5 you want to fried chicken bites so golden brown. pity another poor mother her catfish, mango shake shook every wrchlt the little girl on the straw never blinked channelling opiuman cesters through the ecstasy of fruit sures. this is us at farmer's market. brother too complicate who had offers an arm for her and me. a chain of chins along his shoulders. where have you been and why has it taken you so long to come back? >> the piece dedicated to my foster father and cousin on my adopted side. 1, daddy. old crow, jack dan jells understood my father mouthfuls at a time. jim beam and
Oct 29, 2012 1:00am PDT
-liters and how much of the red fluid would it take to soak the front of my shirt? not much and one of the little lobes in the bottom here, half an ounce would coat my shirt an if i were to take this and pore it out on the wooden flee floor make a mess and all over the place and difficult to gi gauge blood loss by what you are looking at and there is an emotional component to it and this is a lot of blood and ble bleeding control and pressure and elevation and pressure poi point. to stop bleeding you put direct pressure on the wound. then you do direct pressure and elevation and then you do direc pressure and elevation and a pressure point. direct pressure on the wound an dressing goes on it and a bandage holding it in place. oh my gosh the dress acknowledges soaked through and what do i do? take it off and throw it away? no. put another one on top and hold tighter and get a good grip on it and if you elevate the affe affected part it will redhiew r blood pressure and headach make harder for the blood to come ou and we will talk about pressure points in the body and in the upper arm
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. there are some flights heading to boss top and washington, d.c. and very late night during the red eye flights. if you're headed in placeses places in newark. no word on whether air traffic will reopen. >> and they are still looking at possibly red eyes tonight. if you remember yesterday, we have a total of 50 cancellations. currently we have 114. you probably will see that number climb if we're unable to start operations up to the east coast cities. >> in are about 150 cancellations. and connect to the other flights of the east coast. we found some people who weren't directly affectedded to the storm. they made it to the airport a little early in the afternoon, just in case. >> high winds. that's all i heard so far and a lot of rain. but -- so far things are looking okay. a little early, just making sure, we have plenty of time to heck in and see if it's delayed and, you know, we will have to deal with it as it comes. >> airport spokesperson. and they depend on the number of cancellations. and the best advice, if you're being affected in the storm, just check ahead with the airlines. live in
Oct 5, 2012 7:00am PDT
in red and frozen at mid-song? and the stone, its brokenness, or the voice oft seen that says note the dragon seen but asking no questions of flight, no questions of irridescence, what of that century, did you see it pass? what of that wolf hound at your back? and then a poem that is for mahmud darlish called the dream of narcissus. the dream of narcissus, that there would be a silence loud as time. the dream of the writer that there could be a silence loud as time, the dream of time that rest might come, the dream of rest, that unrest might arise. the dream of the palm, the pilgrims would enter the village. the dream of the village, that they depart with their palms and the house dreaming of his leveling and the exile as well, the dream of night that the day would be purified, the dream of day that the dark would be lifted, and the dream of the dream but who is to speak of this? i don't think this needs to be explained, it's called mad man with broom. the realist crows return at earliest morning. and the madman with broom, madman in his night shirt with a broom, he, too, returns.
Oct 12, 2012 2:30pm PDT
a great deal on iran as a threat. their language will be very similar. but the red line they are imposing is very different. for president obama, the red line all along has been the question of preventing iran from obtaining, from getting in a clear weapon. but everybody agrees the u.s., all 16 u.s. intelligence agencies, most of the israeli intelligence and military officials, etc., everybody agrees that is way down the road. but for governor romney, the red line he has claimed and he claimed it again in his speech -- his own foreign-policy speech is that he will rely on the israeli red line, although he did not identify it as that, which is preventing iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capacity, nuclear-weapons capability. that is a whole cuttlefish. that is now. the ability to produce enriched uranium, which any country with a nuclear power program has come including iran, and scientific know-how, which iran has come except for the five scientists that have been assassinated presumably, widely believed by israel. that is the difference. is the red line getting a nuclear weapon or is t
Oct 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> the red cross launches its first-ever appeal for money to help deal with spain .haire hundreds of thousands have been pushed into poverty by spain's economic crisis. hello and welcome. i am gaenor howells. -- i am george alagiah with a rolled of news and opinion. one member of punk band pussy riot has been freed, but another must remain in prison, in russia. in pakistan, a 13-year-old has been shot in the head by the taliban. >> we are in a global race today. that means an hour of reckoning for countries like ours to sink or swim, do or decline. >> it's midday in london, 4:00 in the afternoon iis, bad. 1:00 in the afternoon in madrid. the spanish red cross has launched its first campaign to help those living within property within its own borders. in the past its helped poor people around the world. last year the charity helped 2 million people in spain. but the harshest economic crisis has pushed another of 300,000 into poverty. tom is in madrid. >> the spanish red cross is one of the best known c
Oct 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
to see it. of course, another awesome stunt put together by red bull. >> it's really the closest thing can you get to being a bird. >>> time for gayle's rare wild animal roundup and today's edition comes to us from -- the cincinnati zoo and botanical garden. the first animal, this is very rare. there are only 54 in captivity in the world. at ten zoos in the u.s., and the cincinnati zoo has three of them, because -- that little baby. >> oh, look at this precious little thing that little baby boy was born on august the 3rd. born with eyes wide open. very, very good news they had this baby. >> so cute. >> this is another rare animal, but you might have seen one of these before. this is a red panda named homer. >> homer? >> homer is getting weighed. take a listen. >> weighs 1.66 kilograms. >> not that heavy, but really cute. love how they hold him bip the back of the head, like a mom holding her kitten by the back of the neck. >> it's okay. they'll be fine. they'll treat you good. >> they weighed me, too. i didn't like it. >> i thought was a rare animal roundup but the cincinnati zoo, we g
Oct 6, 2012 6:30pm PDT
division series, the giants versus the reds. the giants have home field advantage for the first two games which are today and tomorrow. then they will head to cincinnati for the remaining games of a best-of-five series. pitcher matt cain will start on the mound tonight. these teams have faced each other 7 times this season with the reds winning four of the games. giants fans are confident that san francisco will win and are hoping for a repeat of 2010 when they went all the way. >> giants fans, play-offs had to come. >> matt cain on the mound it will be a good series start. >> reporter: fans didn't have a hard time getting into the ballpark despite the events happening in the city this weekend. buses and muni trains, however, were packed. most people i talked to took bart. some of them saying they had trouble finding parking at bart stations because so many were using that mode of transportation. but really, what a great night for a ballgame. and there's so much happening in the city that when people were in line they got a chance to see some of the blue angels fly over, as well. a lot of
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm EDT
base jump just doesn't break records, it sent sponsor's red bull's brand into the stats to fear. this could be one of the great marketing coupes of all time. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines the bulls charging ahead to start off the week. improving retail sales in september and better-than-expected earnings from citigroup helped boost stocks. the dow closed up 95 points. not bad. meanwhile the nasdaq posted its first gain in seven sessions. shares of eli lilly lept more than 4%. the drugmaker says the late-stage study of its new stomach cancer drug improved patients chances of survival. >>> investors are punishing shares of bankrate after-hours the financial services company slashed its third quarter and full-year earnings outlook. >>> to our top story tonight according to new reports iran is planning a huge oil spill in the straight of harm muds in the persian gulf. a german newspaper is reporting that the plan is code named, murky waters and being considered specifically to block the strait an
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 7:00pm EDT
of hurricane sandy and superstorm that followed, is american red cross, sending thousands of volunteers, to the storm ravaged northeast, the red cross providing 23,000 overnight stays for victims of the storm since saturday, tuesday night more than 9,000 people in 100 someone to red cross shelters across 13 states, joining us now, senior vice president of disaster trading for red voss -- red cross, charlie, give us an estimate to how many people remain homeless and evacuated. how many are in setters? your best estimate. >> we know that 9,000 people spent last night in american red cross shelters, 13,000 in shelters all over states red cross and independent shelters, but how many people are out displaced, that number is in tens of probably hundreds of thousands, many stay with families or are staying in hotels, probably a quarter million, really big numbers in terms of displaced. you already mentioned in terms offed size of this event. lou: hardest hit region has to be south shore of new jersey where the storm hurricane force made landfall, correct? >> certainly new jersey, new york, har
Oct 12, 2012 10:30am PDT
if i run a red light on my bike, versus run a red light on the car, to put it in monetary terms, for a second, a lot of people are surprised to hear that. i forget the amount personally, but i just got an "x" hundred dollar ticket for running a red light and i was on a bike. whether in a car or on a bike, you get the same infractions, for the most part. the biggies that i've heard about. so there is the monetary piece. and that is, i think, what stings people, often, the most. >> but my point is motorists face a lot more because there is the whole insurance angle of it. which is, in many ways, the most significant stick for people to not mess up. so my question to you is to focus a little bit is, i'm glad we're making people aware they'll pay the same fine. but do we need any sort of changes with respect to licensing or mandatory insurance, or something, that will create, as tom says, even greater disincentive so people are as weary of violations as i think drivers are. >> i'm sorry, can i leap in? there are a couple of things that are concerning me right now. one is that i feel
Oct 5, 2012 8:30pm PDT
here. and also our partners with the american red cross. who are here this morning. thank you for being here. it has been a tradition for many of us out here. i hope you have a great day and you remember what happened 106 years ago. it is great to be a san franciscan. >> a nice hand for the chief, everybody. i have seen this other chief speaking in the last couple of times. a nice hand for chief suhr. >> good morning. our fire chief said it. we're lucky in san francisco. we have a mayor who has moved through the tears of prepared as an goddess ready to go. we get a little more prepared every day. god bless to the survivors. >> thank you. >> it is a minute of silence at 5-11. -- 51:11 p.m. let's have a moment of silence for a minute right now. [siren] >> i think the fitting way to end this germany first of all, -- this ceremony first of all. there will be playing. everybody have their words right here? i will give the countdown. as we hang the reece, i will give you a count here. have a look at me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1. ♪ [singing] ♪ ♪ >> a great day, everybody. thank you. the san francis
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. with a great catch. and the cincinnati reds would suffer an injury on this patch. you thought that it could be worse but he left with back spasms. they thought that the giants could have perhaps something. and the cincinnati reds still. with two-run the towards brandon phillips was relatively clear of the game. and the post-season with to-nothing. with a 3-rbis. and he came giving up another run. to the deepest part with a 3- nothing = cincinnati reds and cane. 16 innings. and the bottom of the fourth, matt. giving some help from the defense. joey. to double and buster posy. he got a home run on the first pitch of the sixth inning. put the giants on the border three-nothing = cincinnati. and the bottom of the inning. and wring them up! strike three. >> it is kind of a death stair . and also, with the 100 m.p.h. buster posy, it was came over. five-two = final score. and cincinnati let us hear from cain and the other giants. >> they were not shutting us down the state were trying to get osset done. and we have to get things done. and finally get some runners. and we still feel pretty good abo
Oct 17, 2012 7:00pm PDT
, that's a self that red, anger directed inward. >> reporter: police arrested a person of interest but released him for a lack of evidence and they have an idea who the killers are but need help from witnesses. the family wants the same. >> we know who these people are and ton harbor the murderers who's next? >> reporter: two people live on because they received butler's organs. john sasaki, ktvu news. >>> and police got a call this morning about a disturbance on dell road near peralta road. they found a man dead in the front yard, and then police arrested a 24-year-old pacifica resident. they are not releagues the suspect's name. the victim is identified as 24- year-old keith coffee. >>> a worker fell down an elevator shop at a construction site at a nike company on hillview. the 46-year-old man was installing safety barricades on the second floor and dropped between 25 and 30 feet. the man's employer said he is hospitalized in stable condition. cal-osha will conduct an investigation. >>> a prominent south bay doctor was arrested on 18 felony charges. robert handa caught up with t
Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
red a handful of orange-wearing giants fans. among them, two brothers from san francisco, positioned in front spots behind home plate and hoping that when play resumes, their team will turn things around, since they were losing 3-1. >> obviously, i wish we put a few more across, but it's still early, and the giants are known for late-inning comebacks. so hopefully the magic continues in this game. >> we did have a scoring opportunity we probably should have capitalized on, but there will be many more to come, and the giants are going to win. go giants! >> reporter: and the cardinals are used to this. the fans watching the storm move in. they were pretty much predicting for us when it would hit. it's been a big boon for the beer sellers. we hope eventually those rally towels will come in handy. at last word, the tarp was still on the infield but things do look promising for getting this game 3 going again. we're live in st. louis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's go giants! >> thousands of miles away from st. louis, here in the bay area, also waiting for game 3 to resume. as you can see,
Oct 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
by bad behavior by the sea of red light cameras. we know there are hundreds more. >> and -- >>> they may be the most precious cargo on the road. little ones bright eyed ready to face a school day after a ride on the bus. >> you worry your kids will be on their best behavior. what about the driver. >> i trust, my bus driver. following the laws. >> really did. never see the speed. >> and we have catching bus drivers breaking all the rules once they pulled away from the stop. the red light cameras captured them in action. blowing through red lights. speeding over 40 miles an hour over the limit. even getting busted in a school zone all by carrying your kids. >> in our bus, 50 lives. >> danger that's real and recognized with a citation. abc 2 news investigator found hundreds of them issued to local bus drivers between january 2010 and june. in that time, 99 red light or speed violations were given to public school drivers in baltimore county. 700 were also handed by the city drivers. that's half the city. together, palt more city and baltimore county also pay more than 300 contract drivers t
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
on what you can do to stay safe. >>> everyone is getting busy for the storm including the red cross, i'm joined by doug from the chesapeake area red cross. what should people do right now? >> if there is a hurricane, you have warning, you can go to the store and get 3-day supply of food and water in case the power goes out. make sure you have extra things like medications that you might need, get those filled now. just all the everyday stuff that you take for granted, have an ex are the supply of that. also for a lot of people, too, is that they need to not only do the preparations but in the event of the worse case scenario, the red cross will be there. >> with the last hurricane that came through, irene, the red cross sheltered 2000 people, right here in baltimore. we are ready to do that. also, call folks from out of the area if you need to stay at a friends house or relatives, have that in place first. >> one thing, too, is that there is always the need for blood as well, too. if there are blood drives, tomorrow, maybe not on sunday or anything, or tuesday or mondays, but if you wa
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
>> it was supposed to solve all of the problems. new red-top meters would reverve spots for the disabled -- reserve spots for the disabled and stop the city's old parking policy. but soon after it started, the council shut it down. there was mass confusion. >> the program got off to we can characterize as a fairly rocky start. >> reporter: many complaints there were not enough red tops but now a plan would make 1800 of the districts 18,800-meter spots red top parking only. >> 1800 red top stations are being imposed. >> fraud was one reason for the form. >> fox 5 disabled those who were using the red top to park free all day. the district followed up with an investigation. >> some able-bodied drivers have abused the current parking system but fraudulently displaying handicap cards as to not pay a fee. >> reporter: officials say there are over 160,000 people living in d.c. who are disabled and many more who travel into the city each day. >> our mission is to make sure we are national about accessibility and what other cities and states should be replicating is what we feel
Oct 17, 2012 4:30pm EDT
>> estoy tratando de amarrar una venta con "red y transportes". >> ¿con quiÉn? >> con "red y transportes". >> por favor, ese es un cliente incondicional de "camiones de la montaÑa". averigüe primero. >> ya lo averigüÉ, ya sé que trabajan con camiones de la montaÑa". >> perfecto, siga perdiendo su tiempo. ¿o es que ha estudiado otras posibilidades? >> solamente he estudiarlo la de "red y transportes" >> lo sabÍa... >> espÉreme tantito. los tigres apuntan a una sola presa entre la manada, no a todas. >> pero estamos hablando de un tigre idiota que aspira a la presa que tiene el leÓn entre sus fauces. >> yo no sÉ nada de las fauces, pero que el tigre se lo puede quitar de la boca, se lo puede quitar. >> muy bien. ¿y cuÁntos rosarios y cuántas aves marÍas hay que rezar para que se cumpla el milagro? >> varios. >> quiero algÚn resultado con "red y transportes" hoy mismo, si es que va a haber algÚn resultado con ellos. >> pero deme chance, yo ya le dije que por favor... >> perdÓn, alejandra. ya estÁ el grupo de vendedores esperÁndote en la sala de juntas. >> ya
Oct 29, 2012 9:00pm PDT
goes out to the families of the crew. >>> what the red cross is doing to help sandy's victims. ♪ introducing the new 13-inch macbook pro, ♪ with the stunning retina display. ♪ for the pro in all of us. those surprising little still make you take notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you ha
FOX News
Oct 16, 2012 12:00am PDT
munchausen syndrome by political proxy. >> end of show. >> see you tomorrow. >>> welcome to "red eye." aisle greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, space jump. the first day to threaten when the franks orders the crew after a scaner shows in bound activity. and will president obama rebound from his poor debate when he faces mitt romney on tuesday? some say yes, but others say i'm sorry. i wasn't listening. can you repeat the question? nope. too late. and is a new chanel commercial with brad pitt the best ever? we report. you decide. frankly you can decide whatever you want, but yes, yes it is. dwreg? >> thanks, andy. >> have you been gone. any updates on the bus tour? >> a lot of interesting facts. here is my bus. as you know i am leaving november 28th to december 3rd. as you know i have a problem diet. i have a very sensitive stomach. it was very hard. i had to look for a special chef, and i got a guy whose name is carl callahan who is going to be in the bus cooking my meals. i think we have a tape of him. >> happy food,
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
show." let's get to work. >>> my message to the federal government, no bur rak eaucracy red tape, get resources where they are needed as fast as possib possible. >> president obama has put disaster relief in high gear as millions across the east coast are in peril. >> the cooperation has been outstanding. >> romney's silence has been deafening. >> would you eliminate aid to fema if you were president? >> as hurricane sandy wreaks havoc across the northeast, first responders, nurses and neighbors have stepped up in tremendous acts of heroism. we'll take a look at these brave men and women tonight. but first we'll bring you the latest on the disaster across the northeast. >> good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. the aftermath of sandy is coming into focus and the destruction is heartbreaking. sandy's path devastated miles of shoreline and major communities. officials in nine states are reporting 44 deaths related to the storm. 23 of those here in the state of new york. it's estimated to cost between $30 and $50 billion. you only need to look at the images of the floodin
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am PDT
trouble spot lies just south of baton rouge in a stretch of the river called red eye crossing. here the river tends to deposit sediment, threatening to close the channel to deep-water ships. a detailed study of red eye crossing is currently underway at the army corps' waterways experiment station, or wes, in vicksburg, mississippi. tom pokrefke is chief of the river engineering branch and heads the red eye investigation. the problem that we're studying on the red eye crossing is the crossing itself. when you go from a low water situation to a high water situation, it tends to fill with sediment. where you go from high water to low water, there's not enough energy in the water to clear that crossing out and maintain the channel deep enough for ship-type navigation in that part of the river. basically, the red eye crossing area has been kept open in the past using dredging. when the water filled going from a low water situation to a high water situation, the engineers dredged the channel to make sure it was deep enough. the army corps of engineers would like to minimize the amount of
Oct 23, 2012 7:00am PDT
square is now "red" square. thousands lined up all night to hear the hottest pop star on the planet. her brand-new album rocketing to an instant number one around the world. taylor swift gets ready to take times square, live. ♪ >>> and a cast of thousands out there in times square, right now. you would think it is new year's eve. but, no. they are here for taylor swift this morning. look at that huge crowd. up and down 44th street. everyone waiting for taylor swift. good morning, america. hi to robin back home. we're on fire very big morning. amy, a big night last night on the the presidential debate. a real contrast in strategies. president obama, the aggressor last night. mitt romney struck a more moderate tone. he was blaring the differences. >> contrast in strategies. but they were essentially in agreement on nearly every issue last night. that was striking. >> and as we said, the first polls overnight from cbs news give president obama a much bigger win. closer in cnn. the big question right now, was it enough to break the deadlock? we're going to hear from vice president biden an
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm PDT
around here. red flag warning just east of the bay area. i'll show you where the 90s will be involved . >>> taxi drivers honk their horns outside san francisco city hall today to show protests against the city. the top of what they say¢ agency's plan to distribute 150 medallions to cab companies for 19 hundred dprrs a month. the drivers say their loss for always double that amount was turned down. it's a clear-cut case of political corruption and accused the cab companies of having mayor ed lee in their pockets. >>> tonight's city council meeting started just about 50 minutes ago. rob ross tells us about the felony conviction that led to rob's exit. >> the council meets tonight, it will have one less member. vice mayor joe medrano has resigned. >> one of our big programs is to do the right thing, and i think joe medrano has done the right thing by tendering his resignation. >> medrano's resignation comes days after a jury convicted him of embezzling $60,000 in his personal business as an insurance broker. he took money from a client instead of forwarding it to an insurance company. h
Oct 5, 2012 2:30am PDT
chances. highlights ahead in sports. >>> plus -- >> there is no red america! there is no blue america! there is only the america that can't. believe how bad this guy did in the debate. >> john stewart's postmortem of president obama's performance at the denver debate. that clip and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >>> i have as much experience in the congress as jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency. >> senator, i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... >>> 5:45 in the morning as we look at a beautiful live picture of new york city from the top of our building looking south. now we're looking east. first south then east. bill karins with a look at the first. >> today's a sad day. last day for our jean shorts and tank tops. >> i never say that. >> you keep them ou
Oct 26, 2012 6:30am PDT
yellow book, turning to his grandsons and daughters and anding them a big red bud, then bidding them good night and laying his head on his yawning book, he glances solemnly at the full moon in the core of the sky, his eyelids blinking once, searching for that big, silvery rose. the next reader is dima shahabi >> i'd like to move on with an iraqi poet, one of the most prominent and brilliant poets of her time recently passed away in cairo, in june, actually. she was not only a poet, she was luminous and free-thinking pioneer in establishing the theory of what has come to be known as free verse in arabic poetry. in addition to her extensive laments on oppression of women and melancholy. she left. no cheek turned pale, no lip trembled. the door did not hear the story of her death. no window curtain overflowed with sorrow and gloom to follow the tomb until it disappeared. the moon lamenting its depression. the night surrendered itself without worry to the morning. the lights brought the voice of the milk girls, the fasting and the moaning of a starved cat of which nothing remained except bon
Oct 29, 2012 4:30am EDT
in on the reds there. so heavy rainfall and again, this is just the start of sandy. we will be on air be with you all day long to keep you through and walk you through the covering and keep you safe. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you said it. things are going to get worse and that's why governor ohaly urges everyone to stay off the road today. all mta service has been suspended. and in ocean city, they are getting slammed by the storm right now. route 50 is going to be closed from gulf -- golf course road to philadelphia avenue and this is the draw bridge. we have a wind adadvisory in effect for the -- advisory in effect for the bay bridge gust reaching 50 miles per hour, it will be shut down. at 9 5 downtown 659 at liberty road, real -- 695 at liberty road, slick conditions. we are expected to have flooding in the baltimore region. it's important to remember never drive through standing water. it could be a lot dear an it a-- deeper than it appears. >>> we have been telling you about preparations by bge and cancellations at bwi
Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. a qvc host didn't miss a beat in an on-air red action. watch when his co-host suddenly passed out on live tv. >> yep, he just kept on going while crew members came to help the host. she had low blood sugar and has since recovered. >> this is the time of year for this. take a look at this. this is off the coast of ocean city -- no, that's off the coast of hawaii. not even close to ocean city, but they did have some big-time surf. for these guys, what does that mean? hit the beach. that's exactly what they were doung. they're expecting more big waves tomorrow. a southwest swell coming in on the big island. by way, temperatures in hawaii. the next seven days in a row, 85 degrees. i looked at the forecast. 85 the next seven days in a row. that's why i'm your weather man. i'm not doing the weather in honolulu. the wet ir did change a little bit. up 10 degrees from where we were yesterday. we were almost 10 degrees higher at 64 degrees. a lot of you said you didn't really notice a difference because of all of the cloud cover that we saw. it was still fairly cool. out there right now, 5
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